White Arrcos

In late 2011 I created the White Arrco deck. I was always a big fan of the Arrco design, and the decks were getting harder and harder to find at a decent price. So, I decided to do a new print run, and they came out awesome.  The stock is fantastic (and no longer used by USPCC) and the finish is out of this world. The majority of the 5k deck run is sold out, but I still have a couple of cases left.  Once they’re gone, I won’t be reprinting them.

“OK, so if it’s a normal deck, what’s that got to with gaffs,” you ask?  A few things!

Each deck comes with a gaffed “Reveal” joker, plus 2 double-backed cards (One White/White, one White/Blue). And my favorite feature – the decks come in a special stack. They’re only 1 Faro shuffle away from being in the Mnemonica stack by Juan Tamariz.  There’s no better feeling than opening a new deck, giving it a few false shuffles, and then one UNMISTAKABLY REAL shuffle and being ready-to-go in stack.

Check ’em out HERE. And of course, I’m happy to provide forcing decks, svengalis, strippers, or whatever else you might need to match.